9:00 – 10:00


HS Workshops are for High School Counselors. MS Workshops are for Middle School Counselors. MS/HS for both.


ACT Academy – A FREE Resource to Raise Your Students to the Next Level! …Get a tour of the ACT Academy that provides educators with access to a personalized repository of free resources and a ready to use digital curriculum that is mapped to key standards.

Presenter: Greg Napierala,  American College Testing                                                                                    MS/HS


Undocumented, DACA/Dreamer Update.. will provide counselors with the latest information on planning for college, applying for scholarships, resources for the undocumented, DACA updates and the new NEW YORK STATE DREAM ACT.

Presenters: Enrique Cafaro, White Plains HS; Julieta Schiffino, SUNY                                                        MS/HS   


Canada Continues to be An Educational Hotspot for Students from the United StatesCanadian universities are building new models of experiential learning through the integration of theory and practice. Hear from Canadian universities on how we are using experiential learning to help students gain global experience and build resumes. Presenter: Marya Kala, University of Toronto; Cyesha Forde, Ryerson Univeristy                                               HS


Guiding Prospective Student-Athletes in the College Consideration Process …Students and families who have aspirations of playing college sports need additional advisement in the exploring colleges. High school counselors can help provide the information and resources of the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA to assist school personnel, students and families in this process and consideration. Students can continue playing careers in college.

Presenter: Elizabeth Roper, Counselor, The Ursuline School.                                                                                HS


Preparing Your Performing Arts Student for Success...Does your student desire post-secondary training in the performing arts? Learn what is involved in the reality of gaining admission to the best conservatories and colleges, understand specific training requirements, and maintaining a successful career path following graduation.

Presenters: Chip Killingsworth, American Academy of Dramatic Arts; Kathy Morath, Professional Actor, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.                                                                                                                HS


Introduction to College Counseling - Perspectives from High School Counselors  Participants will learn how to best approach students/families in process.  Topics will include engaging studentsin considering college options, the challenges of working with students and families through complex dynamics, and collaborating with colleagues on the admissions side.

Presenters: School Counselors: Gena Archer, Pelham HS: Michael Hiller, Scarsdale HS; Oren Iosepovici, Scarsdale HS; Darby McHugh, Bronx HS of Science                                                            New & Grad Students 


The Educational Opportunity Program…The Educational Opportunity Program is a State funded program that provides access, academic support and supplemental financial assistance to make higher education possible for students who have the potential to succeed despite poor preparation and limited resources offering a Pre-Freshman Summer Program,special workshops, tutoring, counseling and opportunities for cultural enrichment.  Presenter: Dr. Gwen Roundtree Evans, SUNY Westchester Community College                                                 HS


Thinking Ahead– Academic Preparedness for College and Career in Middle School…

Join the College Board for an early awareness session designed for middle school and junior high school counselors.  You’ll see an overview of the SAT Suite of Assessments with a focus on the skills students will need to be successful in college and career.  We’ll discuss how students can start practicing those skills now.  You’ll also learn about the free resources the College Board has for your students including BigFuture, Roadmap to Careers & our College Ed program.

Presenter: Rebecca Kravitz, College Board, Director, K-12 Services                                                                     MS


Apprenticeship & Job Training Programs …Apprenticeship and job training programs offer opportunities for young people to develop skills needed to enter the workforce and achieve economic and employment security.  Learn about the programs that exist in our region and how to promote apprenticeship and job training to your students.

Presenters: Jennifer Puja, Director of the Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body; TBA: Representatives of apprenticeship & job training programs in the Lower Hudson Valley.                                                                     HS


Black Male Completion is not a Myth: Strategies for Black Male Academic Success…The panel will be an opportunity to share some best practices around supporting Back males as they prepare to enter college andsupporting them throughout  college. Black males face unique challenges  on college campuses and some tangible  ways will be presented to support them.

Presenters: Donnie Simmons, Director--Black & Hispanic Male Initiative (BHMI), SUNY Westchester CC; Don Whitely, Admissions, SUNY Westchester CC ; Chris Milton, Lehman College, Pathways to Stem Success HS/MS



10:05 – 11:05


Higher Education and the SAT: Its use in Admission and Beyond…In admissions and Higher Education, the SAT is used to evaluate applicants objectively, awarding scholarships to informing academic placement and retention strategies value and use for institutions. Through case studies, hear how institutions are working to support students using data in an affirmative way.

Presenter: Rebecca Kravitz, College Board, Director, K-12 Services                                                                      HS


Navigating the Service Academy Application Process…Learn about the Service application process, including Congressional and medical qualification requirements. Get advice on how to best guide students interested in the Service Academies and walk away with a clear understanding of what these federal service academies are looking for.

Presenters: Lieutenant Commander Becker,  US Merchant Marine Academy;  Captain Jae H, Kim, US Military Academy, West Point                                                                                                                                                    HS


Degrees Abroad - The Who, How, What and When…Learn how to support your students through the research, application, and decision phases earning a Bachelor’s degree from an international university. Topics covered in the session will include: benefits of an international degree, financing the cost of attendance, application assistance, student life in another country, and what it’s like to bring the degree back home.

Presenters: Jackie Christopher, U.of Roehampton, London                                                                                      HS


Demystifying SUNY . . . an in-depth look at “the System”…How well do you know SUNY’s 64 campuses? We will help you understand the differences between our campuses and our offerings so you can find the best fit for your students!

Presenters: Moderator: Beryl Jeffers, Director, SUNY Welcome Center, SUNY System Administration: Michael Roe, Assoc Dean of Enrollment, Dutchess Community College; Frank S. Pizzardi Jr., Dr of Admissions, SUNY Old Westbury                                                                                                                                                                HS


Guidance and Counseling Students pursuing Technical and Career Ed (TCE)…Students in TCE CAN and Do go on to post secondary education. They require encouragement and targeted guidance to assist and support them as they search for post secondary educational opportunities related to the career pathways begun in TCE. Come to learn the elements of the special services afforded these students.

Presenters: Rosalie Sauter, Rockland BOCES;Karen Carey, Putnam N Westchester BOCES                              HS


Comprehensive College & Career Readiness for Middle School…Getting our students college and career ready at every instructional level is so important.; hence  we focus on lessons and activities for Middle School students, grades 5-8. We will discuss career interviews, outside resources, posts secondary charting, co-taught research projects, job shadow projects, door decorating contests to be ready to create a comprehensive college and career going plan.

Presenter: Virginia DeLong, Lebanon Middle School Counselor, Connecticut School Counselors Association, Chair of Board of Directors                                                                                                                                         MS


Learning Support Programs on a College Campus …An overview of the support options available at the post-secondary level for students with learning disabilities and AD/HD. This presentation will include information about the transition from High School to College, the shift in rights, roles and responsibilities of students and developing skills needed for college readiness.

Presenter: Amanda Marino, College Assistance Program, Iona College; Dustin Horvath, Pathways, S. Thomas Aquinas College.                                                                                                                                                            HS 


Creating Meaningful College/Career School Counseling Lessons…The NYS Revised School Counselor Regulations  have clear goals and implementation strategies to create a comprehensive program including College/ Career Ready lessons for your students?  Can you guarantee that those lessons are meaningful? Join me in using backward design to ensure that your College / Career Ready lessons are having the impact that you want them to!

Presenter: Kelly Whitney-Rivera, Valley Stream Central High School                                                           MS/HS  


Career Plans as Part of the Individual Progress Review Plan:  Using Naviance Success Planner…To implement  career plans required in the new counselor regulations,a well developed approach for developing student career plans as well as reporting mechanisms will be presented using the Success Planner module in Naviance currently in use in several districts on Long Island. It will include examples and screen shot to easy implementation. Presenters: Nicole Kregler, Counselor, Commack UFSD                                                                                 MS/ HS


Advising Students Who Have Athletic Dreams for College - From middle school to high school, students and parents have high expectations for athletic success. This workshop is designed for school counselors and admissions staff to learn more about the student-athlete process.

Presenter: Chris Doyle, Director of Admissions, Marist College                                                                      HR/MS 


12:10 – 1:10


ACT Tessera- Take Social and Emotional Learning Skills and Character Strength Assessment to the Next Level…Get thought leadership on the importance of Social and Emotional Leaning (SEL). You will also learn about ACT Tessera, the next generation solution for comprehensive, reliable Social and Emotional skill assessment. Presenter: Greg  Napierala  American College Testing                                                                                      MS/HS 


Discover the City University of New York…The City University of NY has over 1,750 degree programs at 25 campuses offering outstanding faculty, new program offerings, scholarship opportunities,  and the partnerships that exists between community and senior colleges benefiting students who transfer.

Presenter: Laurie Austin, Director of Admissions, Lehman College; Mark Ciolli, City University

of New York                                                                                                                                                           MS/HS 


Financially Ready for College…An entry-level glimpse at financial aid & in-depth look at the benefits of 529 plans & how easy saving for college can be! Learn more by visiting

Presenter: George Makras, New York’s 529 College Savings Program                                                           MS/HS 


Energizing Enrollment Management & Empowering Student Success for Underrepresented Populations at SUNY…NYS has a projected increase in the high school population as a result of growth in traditionally underrepresented and underserved populations. Educational attainment data show that the student populatons growing the fastest are attaining the least, with Hispanic and African Americans age 25 and older vastly underepresented.

Presenters: Meylin Andares, Director of Enrollment Management & Student Success-SUNY System; Mark Sanders, Asst. Dir. Enrollment Management & Student Success                                                                     MS/HS 


Focus on Transfers – Student Mobility Within SUNY…Learn about SUNY’s transfer initiative and the many pathways for students within the system. In addition, we will demonstrate Degree Works and Transfer Finder, two online tools that assist students with the transfer process.

Presenter: Michael Roe, Admission Director, SUNY Dutchess Community College                                               HS


The School Counselor and Political Advocacy… Learn about the ways you can address the issues that affect your students, their families and educators. Become an advocate and promote change for the betterment of your profession and those who we work with everyday. Find out how you can get involved in local, state and national politics.

Presenters: Michael Grubiak, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), Regional Political Organizer for the Hudson Valley; Martin Sommer, NYSUT Political Action Committee Coordinator; Kelly Whitney-Rivera, Valley Stream Central High School, NYSSCA Government Relations Chair                                                               HS/MS 


Call me, Maybe? Using Your Counterpart to Maximize Your Counseling …School counselors, CBO advisors, and admissions counselors are vital resources for each other. Learn how counselor calls can help Admissions Counselors hear advocacy about hard-to-read students and can help you monitor applications, gain context about changing applicant pools, learn likely decisions, and provide better counseling to next year’s applicants.   Presenter: Kyla Mc Nally-Anderson, Northeastern University                                                                                HS


How Do Early Admissions Plans Impact Underrepresented Students?...Asmore institutions rely on Early Admissions Plans, there is a growing concern about the impacton historically underrepresented students.We will discuss the merits and challenges of early admissions plans as they relate to our underserved and underrepresented.

Presenters: Luis Barcelo`, Pelham HS; Danny Tejada,Longwood Preparatory Academy; Marie Nocela, Asst Dir, Siena College                                                                                                                                                                 HS


Preparing for College Success: Challenging the National Retention Rates...Come find out ways our students have a smooth academic and socio/emotional transition from High School to College. What are the high schools doing to help students become more College & Career Ready? What are colleges doing to prevent summer meltdown and keep students happy and successful in college?

Presenters: Kimberly Harvey, Director of Admissions, SUNY Geneseo; Natasha Khan, Director of Guidance , Garden City HS; Patrick Doyle, Counselor, Garden City, HS                                                                                    HS 


Understanding Special Circumstances with College Aid…Determining eligibility for financial aid uses a standardized formula to allow for similar family contributions in similar situations. When modifications to the formula are warranted due to special circumstances of a family, that significantly affect their ability to address college costs. Learn the process that colleges utilize to assist their students who receive aid based on their unique situation.

Presenter: Gene Rogers, Financial Aid Director, Molloy College, HS Outreach Director, New York State Financial Aid Administrators                                                                                                                                                         HS


Will You Have Enough Money to Retire? Workshop… It is imperative to educate yourself and prepare for your financial future.  Learn proven strategies for retirement planning as well as effective methods to optimize and manage your 403b, 457 plans and other investments, prudent college saving techniques, maximize your Social Security benefits and protect your investments against rising healthcare costs.

Presenter:  Joseph Brunelli, Financial Advisor                                                                                                    HS/MS         


1:15 – 2:15


New Resources and Supports for AP Teachers and Students…The College Board will be delivering a new free system of resources for all AP students and teachers, including an AP question bank, unit guides and tests, feedback to help you track progress, a new ordering timeline and more. Come to this session to learn about the new resources & how you will deliver them to your students.

Presenter: : Marie McGrew,  College Board, Associate Director, K-12 Services                                                  HS


Creating a Summer College Access Program for Your Seniors …Finding supplemental opportunities within the school day to support students through the college admissions and application process, the College Bound Summer Institute at White Plains HS is a 4 day intensive program providing seniors with guided classroom instruction for completing all aspects of their college applications. Participants leave with strategies to consruct, pitch and roll out a College Bound Institute at their school.

Presenters: Jeff Hirsch, School Counselor, WPHS; Sara Hall,  Asst. Principal, White Plains HS                        HS


The Armed Forces Powerful Educational Resource: ROTC Programs…The Military also provides full scholarships towards an undergraduate degree which culminate with a commission as an Officer. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program offer scholarships that includes an academic education, military training, global immersion programs and character development unmatched by others in the world.

Presenters: Michael Nguyen, Fordham ROTC; 2nd LT Sean Han, Manhattan College Air Force ROTC               HS


Historically Black Colleges and Universities – A Viable Option…Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have played an instrumental role in American history and continue to educate many of the nation’s best and brightest, including over half of all African American professionals.  Attendees will take part in an interactive session focusing on the history, current relevance, and enduring importance of HBCUs.

Presenter: Nicole Allen, Spelman College                                                                                                                  HS


College Readiness Programming for Grades 9-12: Our Success Model…Participants will learn how to implement a comprehensive college readiness program for high school student in grades 9-12 emphasizing the exploration of career and college options.  A selection of programs for students and parents will be presented including Mahopac University Night, Financial Aid Night, College Mini Fairs and Freshman/Sophomore Advisory programs.

Presenters: Mahopac High School Counseling Department: Ron Pollaro, Dennis Disanto, Marianna Callagy, Julie Cummins, Anna Boyle, Trina Capone, Terry Lauchman, Jaclyn Mittman                                                          HS/MS


How to Graduate with More Than Just a Degree…The discussion will revolve around how to show students than can extract skills, grow their netork and gain social capital by participatign in mentoring, extracurricular activities, volunteering, internships, and classes. This session will include some lecturing but also group actitivies that require your engagement! The presenter will bring both ACCESS and Success perspectives, to the discussion.

Presenter: Jennifer Lopez , Bottom Line                                                                                                                    HS


Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students throughout the Admissions Process…Trans and on-conforming students  earn college degrees at a rate 20% higherthan the national average. Whether we work  in high schools or colleges, we have a responsibility to improve awareness and support for this population as they higher education.How can counselors and admission officers help students throughout this process.  Presenters: Lenni Yesner, Bard HS Early College, Queens; Immanuel Cruz, SUNY Oswego                                HS


Jump Start Your College Career with a Freshman Year Abroad…Marist College manages a year abroard in Florence, Italy. Take a virtual tour of the Florence campus where the only bachelor degree is offered in Florence. This unique US bachelor degree, the Freshman Florence Experience (FFE)

Presenter: Joe Giacalone, Marist College                                                                                                                   HS


A SUNY Perspective:  The “What” and “How” of Recommendation Letters and Essays

What do admissions reviewers look for?  How do they view and weigh supplemental documents?  What should you highlight in a letter of recommendation?  What should students address in an essay?   Join us for a “train the trainer” workshop focused on an array of tools to assist you, as well as your students and their families.  A presentation shell - complete with examples - will also be provided.

Presenters: Frank Pizzardi Jr., Director of Admissions, SUNY Old Westbury                                                       HS


Will You Have Enough Money to Retire? Workshop… It is imperative to educate yourself and prepare for your financial future.  Learn proven strategies for retirement planning as well as effective methods to optimize and manage your 403b, 457 plans and other investments, prudent college saving techniques, maximize your Social Security benefits and protect your investments against rising healthcare costs.

Presenter:  Joseph Brunelli, Financial Advisor                                                                                                   HS/MS